running Pocl in Docker

Install Docker

  • install docker for your distribution
  • start the docker daemon
  • make sure you have enough space (default location is usually /var/lib/docker, required storage for pocl is about 1.5 GB per container)

start Pocl container

  • create an empty directory <D>
  • copy Dockerfile of your choice (any file from tools/docker/) to <D>/Dockerfile
  • cd <D> ; sudo docker build -t TAG . .. where TAG is a name you can choose for the build.
  • sudo docker run -t TAG
  • this will by default use master branch of pocl git; to use a different branch/commit, run docker build with --build-arg GIT_COMMIT=<branch/commit>


  • default: builds pocl, then runs the internal tests from build dir.

    Uses latest release of a distribution, with whatever is the default version of LLVM.

  • <release>: same as above, except uses specific release and specific LLVM version (the latest available in that release).

  • default.32bit: same as default but sets up i386 environment

  • test_install: builds & installs pocl into system path, then runs the internal tests

  • distro: does a distribution-friendly build (enables runtime detection of CPU, etc)

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