OpenCL Extensions Supported by PoCL

PoCL supports a number of OpenCL extensions. The exact list of extensions depends on the driver backend in use as well as the exact options PoCL was built with. Applications should always query available extensions before attempting to use their functionality.

Full extension specifications can be found on:

Some highlights from the list of supported extensions:


This extension provides a way to to indicate a buffer which will hold the meaningful bytes of another buffer, after kernel execution.

This allows the implementation to reduce the amount of data copied when moving buffers between devices e.g. when the data is compressed and its exact length is not known ahead of time.


This extension provides a way to record a sequence of OpenCL commands that can be executed as a single invocation. Command parameters are validated and commands are prepared at command buffer recording time, reducing the overhead of dispatching the sequence and allowing drivers to optimize the scheduling of commands within a buffer.