April 2016: pocl v0.13 released

Release highlights

We consider pocl ready for wider scale testing, although the OpenCL standard is not yet fully implemented, and it contains known bugs. The pocl test suite compiles and runs most of the ViennaCL 1.5.1 examples, Rodinia 2.0.1 benchmarks, Parboil benchmarks, OpenCL Programming Guide book samples, VexCL test cases, Luxmark v2.0, most of the AMD APP SDK v2.9 OpenCL samples and piglit OpenCL tests among others.


We'd like to thank thank Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (project "Parallel Acceleration 3", funding decision 1134/31/2015) and ARTEMIS JU under grant agreement no 621439 (ALMARVI). Special thanks to HSA Foundation who sponsors the work on implementing the HSA support.