[2019-02-07] pocl powering Think Silicon's ultra-low power GPGPUs

Georgios Keramidas, the Chief Scientific Officer of Think Silicon kindly wanted to acknowledge the pocl developers as follows:

"Think Silicon is an IP semiconductor company. Our products include ultra-low power GPUs. GPUs are typically programmed through the well-known graphics APIs, like Vulkan and OpenGL. As a company, we selected to enter into the GPGPU area and support the OpenCL API standard. We looked into various frameworks and opted to rely on POCL on top of LLVM v4.0. We are really impressed from the POCL implementation. POCL is a modular codebase with clear interfaces. POCL hides the complex interactions between the CPU and GPU when running OpenCL code and our work concentrates only on building a backend driver for Nema GPUs. Our OpenCL implementation is still on-going, but our preliminary indications show that the POCL run-time system will enable many optimizations with minimal development time. We kindly thank all POCL contributors, especially the lead developers from Tampere University for their excellent work."

As always, if you have found any other interesting use cases for pocl, please let us know, we'll be happy to post them. The testimonies help keep pocl going strong; as its development is currently mostly developed via publicly funded research projects, it is essential to highlight the benefits it provides to academic and commercial communities.

- Pekka